ANTIK PINK & Inês Manzoni

The story

Jewelry ran in the blood

I grew up with the sound of pearls falling on the board and the endless “knots” of necklaces, in the hands of my grandmother, mother, aunts. My grandfather, Henrique Batalha was one of the owners of Casa Batalha, in Lisbon, founded before 1635. For me, jewelry, beads, necklaces have never been showcased pieces. They were from home, like a relative who is always there.

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My Jewelry

I believe that the ornaments complement us, they can change our energies, and make us travel. I love ethnic art and ancient Greek jewelry, and I’m inspired by them to create my pieces. I look for elements in the four corners of the world that have some strength or beauty, that I feel somehow special, and I mix them. I use materials such as semi-precious stones, metal, pearls and leather.

In 2012, with the slightly older kids, I opened a studio in Baixa de Lisboa with a friend. There was a balcony over Rua Augusta and we could feel the frenzy of the city. I also started to frequent the markets that appeared in Lisbon. I loved it. For the first time, I received customers and realized what they saw and looked for in my pieces.

I started to be more and more sure of what I wanted and how I wanted to do it. In 2014 I moved to Chiado with my sister and a friend. There was no turning back, I was surrendered.

The walk

I always kept jewelry close by, but I followed Hotel Management and, for 10 years, I lived in Alentejo. I created pieces just as a hobby, but when the hospitality stopped making sense, there the jewelry returned to give me a sense.
I started by working at home. My boys were still too young, and I wanted an activity that I fell in love with and that allowed me to follow its growth.

A new stage!

This sharing of space, being with those I like and feeling good every minute are very important to me. I really try to make the most of this. This was one of the reasons for opening a new studio at Lx Factory. I have always loved this space, due to the simultaneous experience of various arts and crafts. I think it is the right place for Antik Pink to be and receive my clients.

Visit me whenever you want! You will always be welcome!

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